Live casino

Live casinos are an exciting way to play table games from the comfort of home. Instead of having to find a land-based casino, something that’s quite hard in most provinces in India, players can now just access a live casino online. Live casinos are a way of bringing the casino ambience directly to the player at home. They set up the various casino table games to look exactly the same as those offered in a brick and mortar venue, just everything is filmed and streamed to the player at home.


  • Casino atmosphere
  • Compete against real people and dealers
  • Always empty seats available

These are the best casinos where you can play live casino games


  • 1-10 casinos

What are live casino games and how do they work?

Live casino games online are set in a studio with live dealers managing each of the games, whether it’s dealing the cards or spinning the wheel of a roulette game. These dealers are all professionals who have undergone careful training, in the same way as croupiers in land-based casinos do. In this manner, players can rest assured that the dealers will perform error-free, fair games. Pit bosses also patrol between the tables to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Each table has a set of HD cameras recording all of the action and the feeds are live-streamed directly to the players who have tuned in to play. At home, players can see all the different feeds and make their bets. Players can either do this by contacting the dealer directly through the live chat function, or placing the bet themselves. This latter case will have a virtual screen overlaid on the game and this is how players can bet. Similar to virtual table games, this screen gives players the betting options and chip values so it’s a simple process to click and place the preferred bet value on the game.

The Most Popular Live Casino Games

There are a number of live dealer games that are popular around the world. One of the most well liked is Live Blackjack. This is possibly because it’s easy to make the transition from the virtual to the live platform as players are only pitting themselves against the dealer. Given the high level of popularity of this game, it is not surprising that there are a large number of different blackjack options available too. This means that players can try games with different rules as well as different numbers of decks. Live Roulette is also popular, especially as the live games give players access to European, French and American versions. What’s more, within each of these three types these live games also provide an array of other roulette options. Other exciting live games popular in India include Live Baccarat, which caters nicely to high rollers, Poker variants such as Live Hold’em can also now be played online. With this slightly different poker game setup, Indian players can test out their skills and see if they can score a better hand than the dealer. This is because, like blackjack, this live poker variant is played only against the dealer rather than the other players at the table.

Other live casino games you can play in India

There are a few other live table games available to players from India, but these aren’t quite as popular and as such aren’t quite as accessible. For instance, players can access live Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger and even a few other live poker variants such as Caribbean Stud and Three Card Poker. All of these games give players ample chances to hone their skills while socialising at the same time. There are even some other live game options that don’t fit into any of the traditional table game categories. For example, players can enjoy playing Live Dream Catcher, which is a Wheel of Fortune style game. Then there’s Live Monopoly, which combines the wheel of fortune with a 3D bonus round that’s based entirely on the popular board game.

Play live casino with dealers from India

Live dealer games afford players the exciting opportunity of interacting directly with the dealers. In order to do so, players must use the live chat function where they can type their messages. However, rather than typing back – the croupier will be busy dealing cards remember – they will actually answer back verbally. Dealers are always very friendly and supportive and can help to explain the rules of the game when players are new to the table or unsure of the procedures. In light of this, players must also observe social niceties when communicating with the dealers. They must always remain polite otherwise they can be removed. While there are various languages offered for live dealer games, at this time Indian players will have to make do with English speakers as there are no Hindi dealers available.

Play live casino with stakes you’re comfortable with

One of the best aspects of live dealer games is the great range available in the betting limits. Players are able to play intelligently and strategically, managing their bankrolls well to ensure effective and prolonged play. Players can, and should, carefully select the table they would like to sit at based on the betting limits available. There are always tables with low limits as well as those at the opposite end of the spectrum for the high rollers out there. The betting limit information is provided on each game clearly so that players will know these options before they settle down at a table. Making these decisions is important as it can help players to gamble responsibly and within their means.