Football Studio

Football Studio is a combination of a simplified Baccarat game and a sports commentary session, streamed live from a studio that resembles a real football studio. The game is for all those players who enjoy a basic top card type of game in a football environment.

Football Studio is a simple baccarat game that is played on a table shaped like a football pitch. It combines the basic gameplay of baccarat and a sports-like commentary to give players an eccentric feeling.

Once the game starts, the home side and away side of the table are dealt one card each and the highest card wins. This means you can bet on home, away or a draw. Home/Away bets are paid at even money, while Draw bets pay 11:1.

$325 in bonus
225 free spins
€275 in bonusmoney
Also a free spins package
100 % up to $1500
100 % up to 300 €
100 free spins