If you’re looking at joining a casino, whether its your first time or looking for something different, you might be asking yourself whether you should join one of the new online casinos or perhaps a more established one. We’re here to tell you why new casinos are worth a try; indeed, they can offer an excellent proposition that is better than long-standing casinos. New casinos are invariably looking to grow their customer base and as such tend to have some of the best offers around. To gain market foothold, they may also be inclined to try something different, providing you with an experience that is more fun and exciting. This is not all, however. Continue reading for more information about new casinos in India.


  • Offers to attract customers
  • Innovative themes


100 % up to $1500
€100 bonus
10 free spins
Five welcome offers
Daily offers
$325 in bonus
225 free spins
500 € bonus
70 free spins
100 % deposit bonus worth ₹10,000
100 % up to 300 €
100 free spins
100 % up to 300 €
100 free spins
100 % up to 200 €
100 free spins


As we discussed earlier, new casinos need customers and one of the ways they can accomplish this is by offering potential customers lucrative bonuses and promotions to get them to sign up. Here, welcome bonuses can offer a nice incentive to sign-up to a casino with bonus cash and spins usually making up the bulk of the bonuses on offer.

Reload bonuses, which reward subsequent bonuses and advantageous VIP programmes, can also make new casinos more attractive, rewarding continued play as you explore more of what the casino has to offer. Do take the time to have a look at the terms and conditions however. Pay particular attention to wagering requirements, game weighting, and any other conditions the casino might impose on the bonus.

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The biggest difference between new and established casinos can be found in the measures undertaken to increase the customer base. Whilst established casinos might be more concerned with retaining existing customers, new casinos will certainly be looking at on-boarding as many new clients as possible and this can manifest itself in many different ways.

As mentioned previously, bonuses are one such aspect. Themes and the selection of games is another area where you can expect differences. These we will discuss in a short while. Of course, different new casinos will take different approaches in their route to market and as such there is no blanket rule that details all of the differences. Some new casinos might go after the tried-and-tested approach, others may decide to innovate as much as possible.

What is sure is that new casinos can be as exciting as they come. The important thing here is to understand what is important for you and then find the new casino that offers just that.


The selection of games on offer is perhaps one of the most important features of an online casino regardless of whether it is a new or more established one. In this department, new casinos tend to excel, offering a vast selection of different games to suit different likes, needs, and profiles. Whether you prefer slots, jackpots, casino table games, or live casino games, new casinos tend to have a very wide selection of each type of game. Typically, casino games will come from a variety of publishers, which can help you choose games that fit your gambling and risk profile the best. Here, you can also expect a wide variety of themes from classics, to games themed after the latest TV-series and anything else you can imagine. Some new casinos are also known to have games developed specifically for the Indian market including live casino games. This can ensure you enjoy the time spent playing at new casinos.


The Indian casino market is growing and with it we are starting to see industry-leading casinos adapt their proposition specifically for the Indian market. Such casinos do not only accept deposits and withdrawals in Indian rupees, but list all of their offers in the Indian currency as well. This can help you to not only understand the offers better, but also avoid any additional charges that might be imposed due to the rate of exchange when it comes to depositing or withdrawing funds to and from your account. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, many casinos targeting the Indian market are also starting to offer games that are specific to the Indian market.


When it comes to casino themes, Indian players can look forward to a wide variety of approaches as new casinos try to differentiate themselves in a saturated market. Some casinos will try to take a generic approach where they aim to appeal to a wider audience without being overbearing. Others, will take a novel approach where they aim to appeal to a specific type of gamer. Operators, who run the casinos, may also launch different casinos with different themes, helping you find something which you can truly enjoy. As the market continues to grow, we also expect new casinos to continue adopting a wide variety of themes centred towards Indian players in particular.


There are many different ways to determine whether a casino is legit or not. The first thing that you’ll want to do is to verify that the connection is encrypted. This is a basic safety measure which you can easily verify by looking for a padlock icon next to the casino’s website URL in your browser. Next, you will want to make sure that the casino is licensed by a reputable body. All licensed casinos display their licences on their website, usually right at the very end. If links to authorities’ websites are not provided, do take the time to double check if you’re in doubt. Lastly, have a look at the terms and conditions of the casino for anything that might look suspicious


This will largely depend on the casino, however many new casinos offer a free play option on many of their games. For obvious reasons, free play is not available on live casino games, however many slots and casino video games do come with a free play mode. To check whether a free play mode is available, simply hover on the game to see if this is available. In other instances, you might need to click on the title. Do remember that with free play you do not need to join the casino or deposit any money, however you cannot win any money either. Having said that, it is a great opportunity to practice and sharpen your skills.