Casino jackpot

Jackpots are one of the best things to land when playing at any online casino. Essentially, jackpots are large sums of money that can either be a fixed amount as part of a game, or can grow exponentially as and when players join up and spin the reels. However these jackpots are formed, they are often life-changing sums of money and can really propel your gaming to the next level. Jackpot online casino games come in many forms, themes and with a variety of different bonus features to increase and enhance the excitement. Keep reading to find out all about these fun games and how playing them can be a great benefit.


  • Best option to win big money
  • Jackpot slots are always available
  • Exciting gaming experience
  • Can win smaller prizes too

Top 10 casinos in India with jackpot casino games


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What is a progressive jackpot casino game and how do they work?

Progressive jackpot casino games are games that offer some of the biggest wins around. These jackpots can become huge simply because the more players that join, the bigger the jackpot gets. This is because a tiny percentage of the bet placed by the player is added to the jackpot every time. There are two types of progressive jackpots – localised and global. Localised progressives are linked between games in the same online casino or company, and although they can get large in size, they don’t quite meet the sheer heights of global progressives. The latter type is actually linked to online casinos around the world and can get added to by thousands of players, which is why they grow so huge.

The most popular jackpot casino slots

When it comes to progressive jackpot slots, there are some that just stand out above the rest. The reason for this is simply that these jackpots are some of the biggest, most exciting ones out there. Undoubtedly top of the list is Microgaming’s African animal themed Mega Moolah. This progressive has the distinction of paying out the most ever seen in an online jackpot with a whopping £13.2 million being awarded to a UK players. Better yet, the slot has paid out multi-millions on more than one occasion. NetEnt has a pair of top slots in the form of Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams. Both of these games rival Mega Moolah in terms of how much they pay out and both also offer multi-million wins. Both these games also amplify that feeling of richness, by offering a strongly opulent and luxurious theme throughout the game complete with symbols depicting expensive items. Other top games include Hall of Gods, Joker Millions and Divine Fortune, each of which offer different themes, fun in-game bonuses and, of course, big wins.


  • Mega Moolah
  • Mega Fortune
  • Hall of Gods
  • Divine Fortune
  • Mega Fortune Dreams

National and international lotteries with huge jackpots – jackpot casino

Indian players can enjoy playing a number of national lotteries, although the lotteries available do depend on the state the player is in. This is why the online lotteries in India have become so popular as it gives players a wider range of options. One of the biggest lotteries run by the state is the Playwin Lottery. This is operated out of Sikkim and offers five different lottery games including a Thunderball and Jaldi 5 Double. Tickets for any of these can be purchased online for prepaid amounts of 200 to 5000 INR. The Punjab lottery is also a massive prize-winning option and even has Bumper lottos available. The cheapest to join is the Kerala lottery, which offers tickets from 30 to 50 INR, but still pays out some big wins.

With the online betting world right at their fingertips, Indian players can also enjoy some of the biggest international lotteries as well. One of the biggest lotteries in the USA, and indeed the world, is the Mega Millions. The minimum jackpot for this lottery is set at $40 million and this can even keep on growing when it doesn’t get won. The Powerball is another exciting US-based lottery and also offers a starting win of $40 million or around 300 crore rupees. There are also European lotteries to be entered too. The biggest of these is the Euromillions, which has been known to reach its top value of 190 million euros, which is an impressive 1560 crore rupees!

Chances of winning a progressive jackpot on a jackpot casino game

As with all slot games, progressive jackpots are all based on luck, although there are some that offer better chances of winning. Generally though, it seems that the odds of winning a progressive jackpot are one in 50 million. But there are some things players can do to increase these odds and give themselves a better chance. For instance, we suggest picking progressive jackpots with higher RTPs – something over 95% is the best option. Players can also do a little bit more sleuthing work and look to see when the jackpot was last won. Many jackpots have a hit rate (although this is usually quite low). This hit rate is often between every 3 to 6 months so players can play during this time and see if they can win it.

What happens if you win a jackpot casino game?

In the happy off-chance that a player wins the jackpot, there then comes the issue of how this gets paid out as it’s going to be a pretty impressive sum. This will initially depend on the online casino site, with some casinos paying out the full amount instantly to the player (once the win is verified), but others won’t. As it depends on the casino, it is important for Indian players to check these conditions prior to signing up. In the instance of a casino paying the win in smaller amounts, this is usually a percentage of the win and will be paid out in installments over the following months until the entire amount has finally been paid.