Founded in 2007, SafetyPay is headquartered in Florida, United States. With a network of more than 380 banks across more than 16 countries in Europe and Latin America, it is currently among the most popular online payment solutions. With SafetyPay’s more than a decade worth of experience, it has worked effectively and currently collaborates with an array of banking institutions and more than 180,000 collection points. Being an e-commerce platform, SafetyPay customers are allowed to pay for products and services from their bank accounts without using credit cards. SafetyPay is a no-risk, safe online payment method accepted by thousands of merchants in many countries including online casinos available for Indians. The SafetyPay process has three main elements: shops, buyers and banks. For your payment to be processed via SafetyPay platform, your bank and shop (online casino) should be members of SafetyPay.


  • The platform is very safe and secure
  • Instant funds transfer
  • Users don’t need to use debit or credit cards when making payments
  • Features zero monthly charges and little commission fees


Get started with SafetyPay

You don’t have to sign up at SafetyPay to enjoy its benefits. To make a deposit at your casino, you just need to have an online banking service subscription. Your online banking login credentials will be suitable for making an online payment through SafetyPay. Aside from being backed by experience, SafetyPay is also supported by the International Finance Corporation, which is well acknowledged by World Bank. As such, SafetyPay customers can complete online payments safely and stress-free. As a SafetyPay customer, you will complete cross-border and local transactions in real-time. At SafetyPay, you will also benefit from competitive fees when completing your transactions. The commission charged in this case depends on the type of business or user. If your transaction happens to be less than $15, you will be charged an additional fee of 0.50 cents by the platform. Even better, SafetyPay doesn’t have any monthly charges. Unfortunately, since SafetyPay is only available for bank owners in Europe and Latin America, you can only transact using USD and Euro currencies. As an Indian, you also need to have an accepted bank account in one of the countries in these regions. You will also not be in a position to transact using your local rupee (INR) currency.

How to deposit money to a casino via SafetyPay

Depositing funds to an online casino using SafetyPay is a breeze! Simply visit an online casino available for Indians and one that accepts SafetyPay as a payment option. Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Cashier’ section. By checking the SafetyPay option or using the drop-down menu, choose ‘SafetyPay’. You will be offered a list of banks where you can make your deposit from. Select a bank where you currently have an account. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click to confirm. You will then be redirected through a pop-up window to SafetyPay page. Select your bank again from the given list and click on ‘Confirm’. In the page that follows, you will be requested to log in using your online banking credentials to complete the transaction. After your transaction is processed by SafetyPay, your casino balance will instantly be updated and a confirmation will be sent to your email and also shown on your online casino’s page.

How to withdraw money from a casino via SafetyPay

Unfortunately, SafetyPay resources are solely focused on how users can pay for products and services or send money. This means that you can only use this method for depositing cash to your online casino. Withdrawal services from online casinos or other online merchants using SafetyPay are not yet available. This is because SafetyPay has not been designed to ‘store’ or hold your funds. That said, you need to consider other withdrawal options offered by your online casino. Just go to the ‘Cashier’ section and select a payment option that will allow you to withdraw cash winnings in India. To get instant withdrawals at no cost, you may consider withdrawing through common e-wallets. You can select Skrill, Neteller, or PayPal among other options. Continue the process by following the prompts that appear on the website. Fill up the amount that you wish to withdraw and click on ‘Approve’ to confirm and complete the transaction. Remember, online casinos do have minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. Depending on your casino, a minimum withdrawal can be $20, while maximum withdrawal ranges from $15,000 – $100,000.

Am I safe playing online casino with SafetyPay?

With a high level of reliability, SafetyPay is dependable and very safe to use at online casinos. In situations where players don’t want to ordinarily, or are not able to, use their bank accounts, SafetyPay will act as a banking solution through a foreign bank. This will help to a large extent since Indian authorities highly restrict local bank transactions done to gambling sites. Besides, there are no risks involved when using SafetyPay, giving you total peace of mind. With an SSL-encrypted SafetyPay’s site, users can be assured that their personal data is safe and inaccessible to hackers and cybercriminals. And what makes the SafetyPay payment solution ideal is that you don’t need to create a separate account to enjoy its benefits. As such, customers can go about their day freely, knowing their data and money are secure. After all, the only time your banking information can be accessed is when you log into your personal online banking account when executing a transaction. That said, you can safely use SafetyPay if you own an accepted bank account in Europe or Latin America and enjoy your favourite games!