Random number generator

When playing online casino games in India, whether you happen to win or lose, it’s all a fair game at the end of the day. Apart from the fact that all legitimate casinos are licensed and regulated by gambling authority bodies, you can’t always rely on the laws of man for completely random and fair play. Whether the casino game is dependent on the roll of a dice, the spinning of a slot machine reel, or the scratch on a card, it certainly helps to trust the system when witnessing the outcome with your very own eyes. So to put your mind slightly more at ease, a random number generator will ensure that you are doing a little more than just hoping for the best. Since the games are simulations of the real deal at land-based casinos, a random number generator online casino will play just like the real thing. As the name would suggest, RNG software acts to generate seemingly random outcomes when you are playing casino games. Let’s delve into how this works.

Random Number Generator Basics Explained

Whether or not you’ve come across the term Random Number Generators (RNG) during your time as a player at online casinos, it isn’t really too difficult a phrase for us to decode. Found on such online casino staples as lottery games, slots, live casino table games and online craps, RNG online casino’s use intricate mathematical patterns to produce a sophisticated sequence of values. So when you are playing your favourite live casino game in India, thanks to RNGs you’ll find that every outcome is completely random. The same can also be said for online slots, where every result from your reel spins appears to be completely unpredictable in terms of the placement of symbols and numbers. So you can rest assured that rather than being a cause of suspicion, an RNG is a good indicator that the game that you are playing is relatively fair. It is also worth bearing in mind that an RNG also protects the casino from you winning too much and too often as well!

How a Random Number Generator Works at Online Casinos

Random Number generators can be divided up into two categories, True and Pseudo. True RNG or Hardware Generators work completely at random and unlike pseudo RNG, a true RNG doesn’t require a numerical starting point or “seed number”. Seed numbers are generated using a computer algorithm and determine the outcome of your actions while playing any online casino game. Then that specific random value or number is used as the next seed value to produce the following random number and so forth. Although there is indeed a pattern to pseudo RNG, it’s not at all possible to determine if you don’t know what the original seed number is and a seed value or number is also incredibly long! In fact, there are several online casinos that use number combinations that contain well over two hundred thousand digits, making them almost impossible to hack. The use of RNG offers one of many reasons why you are much safer when playing at a licensed online casino. So be sure to check out their Return to Player (RTP) percentages, as this will show whether or not your chosen online casino in India is playing fairly.

How Does the Random Number Generator Affect Return to Player?

Keeping the return to player (RTP) number consistent is where the seed comes in. Since September 2016, online casinos have been required to monitor the RTP of their games in order to ensure that the RNG is working correctly. The RTP of a game is calculated by dividing the total amount that a game has paid out by the total amount of money that has been played; with the result as close to the theoretical RTP as is possible. If it is found that this is not the case, then the RNG should then be assessed and adjusted if deemed necessary. As an online casino’s machines and games create numbers constantly, the timing of hitting the spin button on a slot machine may change the outcome of a particular round. Therefore although a split second could very well be the difference between either your next big win or loss, the outcome is still random and there is no skill involved. Due to the likelihood of particular numbers appearing, online casino machines pay at certain rate; which is why it’s referred to as a ‘theoretical RTP’. It is also worth noting that fair RTP’s are often published by the most reputable online casinos. The fairest online casinos are more likely to use RNGs where these two figures match, so be sure to check these numbers if you are unsure before you start playing.

Random Number Generator Gaming

In order to ensure that online and land-based casinos continue to be completely fair and random, their random number generators (RNGs) are regularly tested by accredited testing agencies. Of these agencies, iGaming testers Technical Systems Testing (TST), is widely credited as being one of the pioneers of the field as well as forming part of Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). Catering for both online and brick and mortar casinos, TST offers a full range of testing services, as well as conducting live dealer and RNG performance evaluations. Organisations such as TST provide further peace of mind for both casinos and players alike by assessing account verification and payout performance tests too. So be sure to check your favourite online casino’s website for the seal of an independent audit organisation such as TST or eCOGRA. With performance assessors like TST and eCOGRA on board, we can all rest assured that the integrity of RNG gaming will remain intact. So with RNG fully vetted, online casino game players can get truly adventurous, safe in the knowledge that RNGs mean that a fair, unpredictable result can be gleamed from almost any online game. So with RNG gaming the fairest way to play, be sure to check out your favourite RNG online casino in India today!