PurplePay Casino is a secure online payment platform that is focused on arranging alternative payment methods from various countries throughout the world. By purchasing online vouchers through Purplepay’s official website, users of PurplePay are afforded an unprecedented level of control over what they choose to spend. If you choose to deposit with PurplePay, there will be no need for a third party, all you will need to do is just key in your unique voucher code. Specialising in international transfers, PurplePay is a fast, safe and secure way to make online payments at several gambling sites in India. Operated by a big household name like Visa, you can rest assured that PurplePay is both reliable and trustworthy!


  • Safe and reliable.
  • Instant deposits.
  • Digital vouchers can be bought from merchants or websites.
  • You get exactly what you pay for.


Get started with PurplePay

When using Purple Pay, the first point to remember is that it is a pre-paid voucher card. It will come as no surprise then that the first thing that you will need to do when using PurplePay is to put some funds on it. You can do this online on the PurplePay website or from the Purple Pay app with a credit or debit card. The process is really that simple! Once you have added funds to your PurplePay card, be sure to visit any of the online casinos listed below. Once you have chosen your favourite PurplePay compatible online casino in India, the quick and easy PurplePay deposit process will see your funds quickly and securely uploaded to your account, helping you to get the wheel spinning. Before choosing PurplePay, be sure to check that it is an available deposit option on your chosen online casino site in India. If you aren’t able to locate PurplePay on the main list of deposit methods, you might find it by selecting the “See more” option.

How to deposit money to a casino via PurplePay

PurplePay currently accepts over 80% of all available deposit methods. When you pay with PurplePay you will be able to make deposits using your bank account, chosen credit card and vouchers; with many further options also at your disposal. By entering your account’s unique and secure 16-digit code, you will be able to deposit the funds directly into your online casino account in India. You stay in control of your spending; just load your weekly or even monthly budget on to your card using the PurplePay app or website. By using PurplePay to preplan your budget, you are much more likely to avoid the shock of any nasty unexpected overspends. By helping you to avoid overspending, as well as adding an extra layer of security between your gambling account and your bank account or credit card, depositing funds with PurplePay is a fast and convenient way for you to stay in control of your online casino spending.

How to withdraw money from a casino via PurplePay

As PurplePay is first and foremost a method for depositing funds into your online casino account in India, you can not withdraw funds via this payment method. The most direct course of action to take whilst usingPurplePay would be to arrange for your withdrawal to be sent to your own personal bank account or perhaps even to an intermediary such as Skrill or PayPal. The making of withdrawals is perhaps one major weakness of using PurplePay as unlike the previously mentioned payment methods, you are able to carry out all of the necessary online casino functions more conveniently and with less fuss. With the need to change between payment methods, the financial aspect of your online casino experience may quickly become both tiresome and overcomplicated. However, if you hold financial security in higher esteem than you do a few seconds of your time here and there, then PurplePay is the online casino payment method for you.

Am I safe playing online casino with PurplePay?

If you are looking for a safe and secure way to deposit funds into your online casino account in India, then PurplePay does offer a lot of positives. However, owing to the fact that PurplePay is still relatively new compared to other available methods, it is not yet widely available in many online casinos. Before you sign up with PurplePay and add funds to your online voucher card, be sure to check that you will be able to make deposits with your favourite online casino. Not being able to make withdrawals may also be a challenge to those who wish to keep their finances tidy and straightforward. That said, with all of the many other online banking options for making withdrawals offering such a wide variety of easy to use solutions, this challenge is easy to resolve. Besides, the fact that PurplePay is operated by Visa will afford you enough additional peace of mind to more than compensate for this minor inconvenience!