Online lottery

Online lotteries are found the world over and offer a whole range of exciting betting options. When it comes to online lottery India, there are plenty of options for players from massive international to those that are closer to home. The ones that are available internationally, are not subjected to Indian laws either, which makes them even more enticing. As a general rule, lotteries are all games of chance – there’s no way to know which of the numbers will pop up when playing, so players simply have to guess. This makes them highly entertaining and simple options to play. Depending on when the lottery is to be drawn, these games can actually be drawn out, though the actual process of drawing the numbers is very fast with players finding out if they’ve won within minutes, especially when playing online.


  • Jackpot wins
  • Quick to play
  • Game of chance


How to play online lottery

When it comes to online lotteries, there isn’t much difference between the options except for the total numbers that players need to guess correctly and how much the prize money will be. Here we will look at Lotto-India which requires players to select six numbers with an additional Joker bonus ball. The six main numbers have to be selected between the values of 1 to 50, while the Joker bonus ball is between 1 to 5. Once the player has selected their numbers, they must confirm this and then submit their ticket. At this point they will pay the ticket fee of 39 INR. To win, players must match a minimum of the Joker ball, which will win them the bottom bet. After that, there’s a pay scale with the prizes increasing as players match more numbers. The jackpot is only awarded to the player matching all seven numbers. The game draws at 5pm IST on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Online lottery strategy

When it comes to playing any lottery online, the entire game is down to chance. Players can, of course, check out previous winning numbers to see if there are hot numbers in place, but as everything is down to probability, in each ball draw the probability of any number landing remains the same. In this way, the only real way to have a strategy is in the management of a bankroll used for playing lotteries. As a general rule, we recommend setting aside a specific bankroll value and not exceeding this when buying lottery tickets.

The odds of winning at online lottery

The odds of winning the Lotto-India depend on whether players are happy to score any prize, or whether they are going for the big one. As with any lottery, scoring top prize in Lotto-India is the hardest and has the highest odds of occurring – 1 in 79,453,500 in fact. However, lucky players managing to do this will be treated to a top win of 3.9 crore. At the bottom end of the scale, matching just the joker is a pretty common outcome with odds of just 1 in 11. However, as the odds are so low, so is the payout, with this only giving players a win of 39 INR. This bottom prize is actually awarded to players who get any match from two to five numbers. Only after this, from five numbers plus the joker and up, will players start scooping the really big wins.

Dictionary – get to know the lingo of online lottery

When playing Lotto-India and other online lotteries in India, the first thing you need to understand are the odds. Odds are the numbers that tell you how likely it is that something will happen. By understanding the odds, players will be able to figure out how likely it is they will score a win on a lottery game. The ‘draw’ is when the balls are selected from the machine. This happens automatically with the balls spinning and the machine popping each one out at random. In this way, the winning lottery numbers are selected. It’s also important to understand ‘match’. This means the number of balls that have been picked by the player that are the same as those drawn by the machine – this is important as this is how players will see whether or not they have won a prize.

Variations of online lottery

Lotto-India is just one of many different online lotteries that are available online. There are many other games that can be accessed by Indian players from around the world. Most of these games have the same basic structure with players required to select the numbers they think will be drawn. The big differences are the amount of numbers that need to be picked (some lotteries only need five numbers) as well as other lotteries having more bonus balls to select. Lotteries can also have different number ranges with some going from 1 to 75 and others having bonus ball ranges of 1 to 12. The biggest difference though is in the jackpot prizes with some international games offering millions in prizes.

Good to know – things to consider when playing online lottery

When playing Lotto-India, there are a number of things to keep in mind. For instance, on some occasions, the game will host Bumper Draws. These draws offer bigger jackpot prizes with the top prize going up to 39 crores. They work in the same way as the usual ones and even cost the same. Small wins are paid automatically to the player’s account, but jackpot wins are paid via bank transfer after the player is contacted directly by the lottery. It’s also important to note that when playing Lotto-India, the tickets can only be purchased online – there are no physical retailers. For Indian players checking out international lottery games, there are a huge number of options available. It’s therefore just important that you read through all the rules carefully to ensure you’re picking the right amount of numbers, have submitted your ticket correctly, know when to check in to see what the winning numbers, are and how to claim.