Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack gives you the real casino feeling even though you play through your phone, tablet or computer. In this version of blackjack a real dealer is placed at a blackjack table. The dealer handles the game rounds just like in a regular casino. The only difference is that you can place your bets from at home and the game rounds and hands are streamed to your device.

You can place your bets, and decide to hit, stand, split or double through the interface and the dealer see your choices and acts accordingly.

This makes it even more fun and interesting than the digital version. Try out Live Blackjack today to maximize your casino experience! Pick a casino from the list to find a good and trustworthy casino to play at.

Best Casinos for Live Blackjack
Deposit ₹1000 Get ₹2000 Bonus
Also get 1 Rupee for Luck!
18+ |
100 % up to €500 in bonus
200 free spins
18+ |
Five welcome offers
Daily offers
18+ |