Infinite Blackjack

Inifinite Blackjack is new and improved version of live blackjack. In infinite blackjack there is not a max number of players limit on the table. Inifinite amount of players can play at the table at the same time, hence the name.

In infinite blackjack the dealer only deals one hand that all the players can use. Every individual player decides if they want they want to do with their hand. If a player chooses stand their hand stops right there and they are not affected on what happens next in the hand.

But if another player chooses to hit, their hand continues with another card. The dealer keeps giving out cards untill all the players have chosen stand.

That number of players limitation has always been a restriction for blackjack, but not anymore. With this new amazing blackjack version there is more full packed action then ever!

Best Casinos for infinite blackjack
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100 % up to €500 in bonus
200 free spins
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