Indian horse racing online

Betting on horse races has been popular for hundreds of years in India. Since it is seen as needing skill not luck, it is legal to bet on horse races in India, and is something that many people take part in. With the advent of the internet, betting markets have grown exponentially, and horse racing online betting has become a popular sports betting pastime in many regions of India. In this article, we will provide you with some useful information about the history of horse racing and online betting in India and the events that you can bet on online. We will also touch on the common types of online bets including explaining the difference between pools and fixed odds betting. All that is deemed essential knowledge will be mentioned. For your benefit, we have conducted the research so you don’t have to! Keep reading to find out more about horse racing online betting right here!

A Brief History of Indian Horse Racing Online Betting

Since the early 1600s, horse racing has been something gamblers have staked their money on. However, sports betting the world over has undergone some changes, especially in India where some forms of gambling are prohibited. However, betting on the horses remains one of the few gambling practices that are both legal and is seen as part of the enjoyment of the sport rather than a problem. As the years have passed, bookmakers have taken full advantage of the popularity of betting on horse racing by providing spectators with a variety of betting options and even a huge variety of bookmakers themselves! As online betting has become immensely popular, millions have flocked to bookmaking sites and have placed bets on races all over the world, including horse races in India. Horse races are capable of generating huge winning profits and are also one of the more popular forms of sports betting. This is generally due to the faster-paced atmosphere of a horse race as opposed to slower-paced sports such as golf and cricket.

Indian Horse Racing Online Events and Betting

In order to bet on an event, there has to be an event taking place. Here, we list some of the most popular horse racing events available to Indian bettors. Since its inception back in 1943, the Indian Derby has grown to become the largest horse racing event in the region. The race is held on the first Sunday of the month in February and takes place at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai. This race is only open to 4 year old thoroughbred fillies, colts and geldings bred in India. Any horse over or under that age, or bred elsewhere, won’t be allowed to participate. Another event that is popular with Indian bettors is the 2000 Guineas Stakes. This race takes place at the end of April or early May at Newmarket in the UK and is the first of the five “classics” in the UK’s flat racing season. It’s exclusively for three-year-old thoroughbred colts and fillies, and has been ongoing since 1809. The other UK classics are the 1000 Guineas and Epsom Oaks, both run by 3-year old fillies only, and the Epson Derby and St Leger Stakes open to 3-year old colts and fillies. The Indian 2000 Guineas and Indian 1000 Guineas are essentially the Indian versions of their English namesakes. Both take place in Mumbai and are only open to Indian-bred racehorses.

Common Indian Horse Racing Online Betting Types

There are quite a few betting types when it comes to Indian horse racing online. To help you with your wagering, we will take you through some of the most common bets offered online. The simplest bets are Straight bets. These are the Win and Place bets and are the easiest to understand. Betting on a Win, is when a wager is made on a specified horse to win the race. This will pay out the biggest amount if your horse does cross the finish line first. Making a Place bet sees you wager that your chosen horse will have a podium finish (first, second or third) in a race where there are up to eleven competitors. If there are fewer than eight horses in the race, the wager will only pay if the chosen horse finishes first or second, and if there are more competitors, your chosen steed could come in fourth and still be profitable. Another straightforward wager is the Forecast bet. Here, you place a single bet on the two horses that you think will be the first and second-place finishers in a single race in the order you have chosen. The Quinella wager is similar to the Forecast. Again you chose the two horses that you think will finish first and second, but the order in which they cross the finish line doesn’t matter.

Tote Betting & Fixed Odds in Indian Horse Racing Online

Pools or Totaliser (Tote) betting is basically a computerised betting system. What it does is total all of the wagers made in a specific race, or a combination of races, deducts fees and taxes, then divides what’s left between the winning bets as their dividend. Punters will see that until betting closes and the race actually starts, the odds offered can change depending on how many people place bets. Tote betting is the preferred method among bookmakers as this means that their profits are guaranteed, Fixed odds betting, as its name suggests is where the bookmaker offers a fixed price for a horse to win. An important question for Indian bettors then is which is the better option for betting on Indian horse racing online, Tote or fixed odds. For those looking to make low bets, Tote betting is usually cheaper as the bookmakers generally add the cost of their services to the overall fee. Tote bets usually start at Rs10 but can often be made for as little as Rs 2, whereas bookmakers usually have a minimum bet level of Rs 50. Tote clubs also often offer incentives that are added to the winning total. This bumper prize can come in the form of anything from extra cash to luxury vehicles. At the end of the day, the cost of the bet you are willing to make is probably the main determining factor on whether you’ll use a bookmaker or the Tote system.