Famous cricket players that like casino

Online gambling is very popular around the world, and, surprisingly to some, is very popular among sports stars too. There are a number of top-level athletes who enjoy playing online, with footballers and cricketers being some of the top players. But with so much adrenaline pumping when these players are on the field, why do they feel the need to partake in gaming off it? Well, there are many reasons including the ability to find an outlet for this pent up energy when off the pitch, but we’ll get to that later. Keep reading to find out which cricketers like to have a little gamble now and again and how they enjoy doing this in a safe, responsible way.

Shane Warne

Possibly one of the most famous cricketers of all time, the Australian Shane Warne is one of just two players who has taken 700 wickets during his very prolific and successful career. Since his retirement from the sport, Warne actually became the face of poker, specifically for the World Series of Poker, the 888 UK Poker Open and a few other events too. Not only has Warne been the face of poker online, but he is an avid player too. However, his fiery temper has come out on a number of occasions as he both extols the virtues of the game, but also rails against it after a loss – most notably after losing in the WSOP during the 2016 event. Even though his cricketing career is, without doubt, more successful, his poker success is nothing to cry about either. Warne has managed to secure 10 tournament placings with a highest placing of third alongside a top win amount of nearly $36,000, which is really nothing to be sneezed at!

Craig Spearman

Another gambling cricketer, the New Zealander Craig Spearman, prefers online slot games rather than the temptations of poker. Spearman has had a relatively successful career for the Kiwi side, playing a total of 70 times for New Zealand and participating in 19 Test matches. Later on in his career, from 2000 on, the cricketer ended up playing for Gloucestershire. However, unlike Warne, Spearman has suffered many issues with his online gaming. While he started it initially to aid in relaxation or even as escapism after high profile events and tests, the gambling soon became out of control resulting in a number of gambling problems. Spearman even pinpoints the time it occurred, when things were at their highest in his career, although also at their most stressful. Since he became aware that he was suffering from an addiction, Spearman has become one of the poster boys for gambling addiction within the cricketing world where he helps to promote safe gaming to younger cricketers, for whom online gambling can also become a problem.

Why do cricketers like to gamble?

There are many more cricketers that like to gamble, and they all do so for a variety of reasons. As Spearman mentioned, part of it is often to do with having some downtime and relaxation away from the sport. But there are other reasons too. Surveys conducted on cricket players also showed that online gambling was performed as part of social inclusion, with many simply gambling to fit in with the rest of the team. Some mentioned that gambling habits have actually stemmed from being so closely linked to the sporting world and having a number of sponsorships in place which linked them closely to the possibility of gambling. Alongside this, players are given even easier access. They often appear as the face of a sportsbook, encourage gambling through customised clothing and become betting partners with the bookie franchise they are with. All of these elements can combine to create potential issues, if players are not aware of what, or indeed why, they are playing. With that in mind, it’s important there is a support system for these players.

Gambling responsibly

As we have touched upon with Spearman, gambling addiction is becoming more well known throughout the cricketing world. There are now more players and cricketing associations aware of the issues and the effects it can have on the players. To combat these issues, there are a number of initiatives in place. Some of these are intended to help younger players, in particular, in their transition from sporting events to the gambling world. One of these support systems is Gamble Aware, which provides helpful resources for players who may be suffering from addiction. It is, of course, important that casinos and bookies also play their part, ensuring responsible gaming options are in place that players can use. However, it does appear that sportsmen and women are particularly susceptible to suffering from addiction as they are less able to manage bankrolls or draw the line between playing for fun and making big profits. However, the issue is now very much at the forefront, with steps being taken to help those suffering.