Dream Catcher online

Dream Catcher online India is an exciting live casino game from the hugely popular, and successful, Evolution Gaming. The game is based on the TV style wheel of fortune setup where players simply choose which number the pointer on the wheel will land on when it stops spinning. As such, this is a game of luck, there’s no skill involved, but there are different probability rates for each of the numbers available, so players can use their savvy to figure that out instead. The game itself is very straightforward, and plays through pretty quickly, so for lucky players, those wins really could rack up. The best part about all of this is that the game is live, so players can even chat to each other while the game plays out making the atmosphere that little bit more entertaining.


  • Big wins available
  • High house edge
  • Live game


How to play Dream Catcher online

Dream Catcher is a very easy game to play. The first thing Indian players will need to do is to find a casino that offers the game. Then, all they need to do is sign up and head over to the game. Once at the game, the setup is quite similar to a roulette wheel in that there are numbers on the wheel and players have to predict, and bet on, which one of those numbers the pointer will end up on. The wheel itself is made up of 54 segments, with 52 marked with the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. The other two segments contain multipliers labelled 2x or 7x. Once all bets are placed, the wheel is spun by the live dealer, and everyone waits to see where the pointer will land and what that winning number will be. Payouts will depend on which number has been chosen.

Dream Catcher online strategy

With Dream Catcher, it’s all about luck, so there’s not really any way to strategise regarding which number to choose. However, as with roulette, players can implement betting strategies such as the Martingale system to help keep their bankroll ticking over nicely. This system works in that players will select a starting bet, which then is doubled every time there is a loss. Once a win occurs, the bet goes back to the original starting one, and the process repeats. In this way players can hope to make back losing bets when they do strike a win.

The odds of winning at Dream Catcher online

The odds of winning on Dream Catcher depend on the bet, and the number that has been chosen. For instance, the number 1 on the wheel has the largest number of segments – 23 – and, as such, has the lowest odds paying out just 1-1. There are fifteen number 2 segments with odds of 2-1, seven with number 5 at 5-1, four segments labelled 10 paying out at 10-1, two 20s with 20-1 payouts and one number 40 paying a whopping 40-1. However, these payouts also indicate the probability of each number landing, which means that the higher the payout, the lower the chance of players actually scoring it. This means that players will have to think carefully about which number to bet on. It’s also important to remember that there are the two multipliers in play. If the wheel lands on those, all bets are frozen and the wheel is spun again. If the wheel then lands on the number selected by the player, they’ll be rewarded with their payout multiplied by that value of the multiplier.

Dictionary – get to know the lingo of Dream Catcher online

There aren’t so many different terms used within the Dream Catcher game, but there are still a few things to understand if players aim to get the most out of the wheel. For instance, ‘multipliers’ will add the specific amount that they are listed as to any win. A 2x multiplier will double a win for instance. A ‘max bet’ is the top bet that you can place on the game. In this case there’s a top coin value of 1000.00 per spin, with a low value of just 0.10 per spin. A ‘payout’ is the amount of money players will receive when they successfully bet on the winning number on the wheel. ‘Odds’ are the likelihood that the event will happen, so the lower the odds the more probable it is – in this game, it’s most likely that the wheel will land on one of the segments with the value 1.

Variations of Dream Catcher online

Currently there are no other variations of Dream Catcher. There is only the one live game option offered to players online. There are other live games that offer luck-based options though. These include games such as Monopoly Live, which also features a wheel of fortune as part of the gameplay. This game has the exciting addition of a 3D bonus game complete with a full Monopoly board. There’s also a Deal or No Deal game on offer that similarly gets players to select where they think the big prizes will be.

Good to know – things to consider when playing Dream Catcher online

When it comes to Dream Catcher, the main thing Indian players need to be aware of is that it is completely all about luck. There are no real strategies that can help you get ahead. That being said, it is always a good idea to start with the lower payout bets as these are more likely to land frequently. This means that players can build up, or at least maintain, their bankroll as they get into the flow of the game. With a larger bankroll built up, later in the game it can be time to try out some of the higher odds and see if those bigger wins can be scored. With a house edge of 3.42% though, players can look forward to a relatively well paying out game that can see them walk away with a small profit.