Casino sites that take MasterCard

One of the most convenient ways to play games online, the world over, is through the use of card payments. Card payments have been around for the longest and, as such, players are more likely to trust these payment options. Card options, such as MasterCard, are easily one of the most secure and convenient methods to use for Indian players using international casino sites. Players from India can easily play online casino with MasterCard knowing that their personal banking data is kept safe thanks to the additional protocols put in place by MasterCard. Indian players can also get the right type of card, one specifically suited to their needs, thanks to the large number of banks and companies that accept this option.


  • No fees for deposits
  • Globally recognised brand
  • One of the largest issuers of debit/credit cards


Get started with casino sites that take MasterCard

Once you have decided that you would like to use MasterCard as your payment option, you will need to actually get a card. This is usually very simple as all you need to do is apply to the company directly or get one through the bank that you are with. The best online casino MasterCard options are those casinos that give you a wide deposit and withdrawal range, so do check that out before making your final choice of casino to play at. In terms of using your MasterCard, it’s usually accepted at most online casinos giving you fee-free instant deposits. MasterCards are also one of the payment methods that can be used to accept any casino bonuses on offer. It even has its own mobile banking app for additional convenience. However, do be aware that some casinos will implement a fee, usually around 2%, for MasterCard withdrawals. Even worse, Mastercard may not be an option that is supported at all for requesting funds. Where it is a withdrawal method offered, be aware that your withdrawal request will also take a bit of time, up to five days, to clear. This isn’t ideal if you want your cash quickly.

How to deposit money to casino sites that take MasterCard

Once you have your MasterCard, making a deposit is a relatively straightforward process, as most online casinos will make the whole procedure very simple. Armed with your MasterCard, the next step is to find one of the top MasterCard casinos in India and create an account with them. All you will need to do is register, giving your name, address and birth date and then verify your account. Once the registration has gone through you just need to head to the cashier or banking section of the site and find the card payment options. Select MasterCard and get depositing! Each online casino will have different deposit limits, so do make sure that you check what the minimum and maximum values are before getting carried away. All you will need to do to make the deposit is type in your deposit amount and then fill in your card details. This includes the long number on the front of the card, your name and the expiry date of the card. With all the correct details added, click confirm and the funds should be in your casino account within minutes.

How to withdraw money from casino sites that take Mastercard

After playing at your casino, it’s likely that you will get lucky and get some wins, so you’ll want to withdraw them. Be careful at this point because not all casinos will allow card payment withdrawals like Mastercard. If your chosen casino does allow it, all you need to do is go to the cashier page on the site. Select that you would like to make a withdrawal and choose the Mastercard option, usually it’s easy to spot thanks to the recognisable logo. You’ll need to select the amount you’d like to withdraw and input your card details once again. Here it can get tricky, as you will need to use the same card as the one you made the deposit with – so make sure those details are the same otherwise your withdrawal may be refused. Similar to making a deposit, there are limits as to the amount that can be withdrawn. These are often reset on a monthly basis so do check what you can and can’t withdraw. Usually there’s at least a 1 day processing time, and then the funds will turn up in your card account 3 to 5 working days later.

Am I safe playing at online casino sites that take Mastercard?

The short answer here is yes, you are definitely safe to use Mastercard at an Indian online casino. Mastercard leads the way in terms of security measures for its customers. There’s even a system in place that can detect identify theft, preventing it from happening or solving any issues if it has already happened. The company also uses top of the line chip technology to ensure all its cards are 100% reliable and more secure when used online as there’s a SecureCode option for additional protection. This is a unique code that must be used with any online transaction in order for that transaction to be approved – it’s similar to using a PIN at an ATM. To add to the list of accolades, Mastercard has also won numerous awards over the decades it has been active, including awards for innovation and companies that will change the world. This gives further credence to the top level that this company occupies in terms of reliability, transparency and customer safety.