The Best Bitcoin Online Casinos in India

With Bitcoins worth more than $1.5 billion in circulation, this cryptocurrency is a perfect option as an online casino currency for players in India. Being a form of digital money not owned by any company but Bitcoin users, Bitcoin Casino Online India is the most innovative and interesting and innovative way of gambling in India. Additionally, it doubles as a potential method of lucrative investment when you sell the Bitcoins you withdraw from your winnings at a higher price. Bitcoin is also a great way of getting around any gambling restrictions in India, as it provides you with anonymity and added security when you are gambling online. Finally, depositing funds into your Bitcoin casino is absolutely free.


  • You will enjoy deposits at 0% fees.
  • It’s easy to conceal your personal information.
  • Deposits and withdrawals of funds are instant and secure.
  • There’s no tax applicable to Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Casino India

For players in India who want to buy Bitcoin, using Coinbase is the best option. You just need to sign up for an account at your Coinbase in just a few minutes. Using bank transfers and credit/debit cards, you can purchase Bitcoins. With a crypto exchange regulation, Coinbase is likely to request proof of address and identification documents. After your documents have been approved, you become eligible to buy several digital currencies including Bitcoin. Since Crypto exchanges may be at times prone to cyberattacks, it is always advisable to keep your virtual money in your wallet such as Blockchain instead of the Coinbase account. Another downside of Crypto exchanges is that they can close down at any time due to bankruptcy. In most Bitcoin Casinos, slots are the dominant casino games. Indian online casino players can also enjoy a vast variety of card and table games such as blackjack, poker and roulette as well as dice games. Additionally, live Bitcoin Casinos are also available, where you can play with real dealers. Although slots are a popular option at Bitcoin Casinos, the chances of winning big are fairly low. To reap higher benefits, look out for games with a low house edge and high RTP. Theoretically, you should expect higher earnings when playing games like video poker and blackjack, since they have low house edges compared to other casino games.

How to deposit money to a casino via Bitcoin Casino India

To play games at Bitcoin casinos in India, you need an e-wallet like Blockchain as mentioned above. Go to Blockchain and create an account using your email. Transfer funds from your Coinbase account to your e-wallet in real-time. Now go to the Bitcoin casino of your choice, click deposit, select Bitcoin, and then copy the address you’re offered by the casino. Go to your Blockchain e-wallet and send funds to the exact copied address you were given by your Bitcoin casino. Most Bitcoin casinos in India will allow you to play using Bitcoin virtual currency, and others will convert them into local rupee currency. This varies a lot and it all depends on the Bitcoin casino you select. In most Bitcoin casinos, there are usually no minimum deposit rules. You can deposit as little or as much as you wish. However, some Bitcoin casinos do have a minimum amount of Bitcoins you must deposit that is usually the equivalent of 1000 rupees. That said, there are also no fees charged for depositing Bitcoins into the casino of your choice.

How to withdraw money from a casino via Bitcoin Casino India

Go to the withdrawal section of your Bitcoin casino. Copy and paste the e-wallet address to this section of the casino, select the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm. You will now have the funds in your e-wallet account. You will need to send these funds to your Coinbase account. Go to the send option and enter the Coinbase account address. Select an amount to transfer and confirm. While in your Coinbase account, go to sell, enter the Bitcoin amount to sell and confirm. After you are done with this step, your funds will be automatically converted into your local currency and deposited into the bank account linked to Coinbase. It is a very fast and simple process. Bitcoin casinos in India do not charge any fees for withdrawal transactions, which has made virtual currencies very popular in the Indian online gambling market. However, there are some fees to consider, which are applicable when purchasing, selling and sending Bitcoin to your bank account as real money. There are also additional small fees when you transfer Bitcoin between your e-wallet and Coinbase. Blockchain e-wallet allows you to select your transaction priority. High priority transactions are a little bit expensive but take less time to process. Regular priorities are cheaper but need some extra time for the approval process to complete.

Am I safe playing online casino with Bitcoin Casino India?

Fortunately, most countries are cryptocurrency-friendly and there exist no laws that govern Bitcoin in India. Being a publicly-owned and -traded currency system, no government systems or centralized banks are attached to it. In India, there is a Payment Settlement and Systems Act permitting the Reserve Bank of India to potentially block after screening online payments. But since bitcoin is a decentralized currency type and India is yet to pass any law to prevent residents from using it, they have no authority to block it. Additionally, India has no laws against gambling at online casinos as long as they’re licensed and regulated offshore. Most gambling laws in India are outdated, and options for gambling online domestically are scarce. As such, licensed offshore casino sites such as Bitcoin casino India are the only legal options for Indian players. The good thing about these online casinos is that they ease the process for Indians who wish to play legally using rupees, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Choose your favourite Bitcoin Casino India and try your luck!