Betting aps in India

The world of online gambling can sometimes appear to be quite complicated or mysterious if you’re new to it. This is especially true in India, where online gambling is a fairly new affair. Some of the best online betting apps in India are in fact available on your usual app stores – such as GooglePlay or AppStore. This article will also cover important details such as payment methods – a pretty big topic when it comes to online betting sites as it is not technically legal yet to gamble in India. But that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun. Read on to find out about the best – and safest – ways to play online with the convenience of your phone or tablet.

Betting apps in India: Come On!

Betting apps in India are a lot more common than one may think. Have a look at Come On!, an international app available in India which accepts INR. Cricket is a big feature of Come On! and there is a welcome bonus of up to 100%. There is an Android app available for Come On!, but it is not available through your usual GooglePlay store To download; the user must make sure their device is set to accept third-party apps and head to their website to download an .apk file. This might seem like a drawback, but with 24/7 customer support available, everything should be fine. If you’re an Apple user, just head to your usual AppStore and search for Come On! Simply download as usual and you should be playing in no time. It is worth noting, however, that there is no phone support for Come On!, but plenty of online-based support instead. Also, before downloading, make sure you have signed up on their main website. Come On!, download it today!

Betting Apps In India – 888 Sport

888 Sport has a great reputation for speedy payouts and generous promotions, so it worth considering this online betting site if you’re looking to play. Depositing just €10 will get you a bonus of up to €30 – a hefty 300% bonus for you on signup! The entire site an be accessed via an app if you’re an Apple or Android user. If you use any other platform, though, it’s recommended that you use your phone’s browser. While this won’t give you the sleek, smooth experience of an optimised app, it means you can still access an online betting site anywhere – provided you have an active Internet connection, of course. However, users have found 888 Sport’s base website to be pretty buggy so you should consider this before signing up. In the next section, we’ll explore the best payment options available for these apps but it should be noted that both sites and apps mentioned are accepting Skrill, which is probably the most highly recommended method of payment for online gambling sites in India.

Ways to pay on betting apps in India

Most gambling apps in India accept major payment methods, such as credit or debit card and then third party apps such as PayPal and Neteller. The one that comes most recommended, however, is Skrill. This is because Skrill keeps your user anonymity and will stop any questions from your bank account, who may be suspicious given that gambling in India is still technically illegal. Skrill allows you to remain conspicuous and also offers a secure and fast transfer service, keeping your deposits (and hopefully winnings) safe. On the 888 App, you can make a deposit by tapping the ‘Cashier’ icon in the main lobby. Here, you will see several payment options. Pick your preferred one and follow the onscreen instructions. The same applies to the Come On! betting site – and on this site, all mobile-friendly games are marked with a mobile icon for your convenience. Remember that in order to sign up for these apps, you must be 18 years old and we recommend always playing with rupees, as this will minimise currency transferring fees if you’re using Skrill.

App-vantages of using betting apps in India

There are several pros to using a betting app in India as opposed to using the regular desktop website of a bookmaker. First of all, you can customise almost everything (apart from the odds, unfortunately) to ensure that you have the best experience. You can tailor notifications on your smartphone or tablet to ensure you never miss a match again. Remember that a lot of betting sites offer a reward for downloading their app too as an incentive to sign up. You’re not limited to one app either, so why not explore the bonuses and offers to make the most of your first foray into online gambling? Increase your chances of wagering a profit simply by downloading more apps and taking advantage of all offers available to you. Apps are also far more used for gambling worldwide now than traditional desktop sites, meaning that any bugs are more likely to be dealt with by the company quicker so you can carry on wagering and (hopefully) winning. Have a look on your app store today to find the best online betting app in India for you today!