Best casino in Goa

Gambling in India is very restricted. The penalty for gambling, which is officially considered as breaking the law, is either a fine of ₹200 or up to 3 months of imprisonment. The state argues that gambling contributes to crime, corruption and money laundering, therefore, the only three states which allow gambling are Goa, Daman and Sikkim. Goa is even sometimes referred to as the Indian Las Vegas. The casinos based in Goa are run by two different gambling companies: Delta Corp and Pride Group. They are running several land-based casinos as well as floating ones. Usually, the casinos run by Delta Corp have higher entry fees – hence being more popular with tourists, whereas Pride Group is favoured by locals. If you are based in Goa, or even visiting, you will definitely need to have a look at their casinos. Let’s dive deeper into everything you need to know before visiting casinos in Goa.

Best casino in Goa: Entry fees may vary

When visiting a local casino in Goa you will have to consider the entry fee. Usually, the casino will charge you a fee for your entry, which varies depending on the casino you want to visit. Since most local casinos in Goa are run by either Delta Corp or Pride Group (the latter not being state-owned), you will have different systems and rules upon entering one of the casinos. The Delta Corp casinos usually have higher entry fees, which means that you probably won’t find as many locals there, as they might not be able to afford the entry fee. On the other hand, casinos run by Pride Group might be more popular with locals as the entry fee tends to be lower. Either way, you will have to consider the specific rules for entering a local casino in Goa and we advise you to inform yourself about which behaviours are allowed during your visit in a local casino and which ones might be frowned upon either by locals or the casino provider itself.

Best casino in Goa: Land-based or floating casinos available

Both providers earlier mentioned (Delta Corp and Pride Group) are running a number of land-based casinos as well as floating ones. With floating casinos we are referring to boats where one can try their luck on one of their tables. The most popular floating casinos to be mentioned are the Big Daddy Casino, Deltin Royale, and Casino Pride. The Big Daddy Casino launched in 2019 and is oftentimes being referred to as the most exciting gambling destination in Asia. The second casino called Deltin Royale offers about 123 gambling tables as well as exquisite cuisine and some unique perks such as a whiskey lounge or dedicated poker tables. The last floating casino mentioned (Casino Pride) is more affordable and hosts poker tournaments as well as live Bollywood acts. You will definitely get your fair chunk of entertainment when deciding to visit one of the best floating casinos in Goa – just make sure that you are dressed appropriately and inform yourself about any specific rules that might be enforced during your visit.

Best Casino in Goa: Games being offered

When visiting one of the floating or land-based casinos in Goa, you will be able to choose between a huge selection of games being offered. You will definitely be able to find your favourites such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and Texas Hold’em poker but all of the casinos in Goa will have a wide variety of specific games such as Indian Rummy, Indian Flush or Mang Patta. The selection of games at Casino Pride varies, as most of the locals will visit in order to play Teen Patti. Obviously, you will also find slot machines as well as a money wheel within those casinos. When trying to play in one of the casinos in Goa, always be aware of the minimum stake for each game which varies depending on the casino you are visiting. Also, when not playing casino games during your visit, you might want to enjoy the entertainment offered in the casinos or maybe some of the food included in your package or charged separately to your bill.

Best Casino in Goa: Limited choices

Compared to the rest of India, you might be surprised about the choice of casinos that are based in Goa. The two main casino providers Delta Corp and Pride Group are trying to ensure that people in Goa are being able to play casino games locally, however, due to legal restrictions, you might want to stay informed about the license of your local casino. The biggest floating casino called Big Daddy casino has just been opened in 2019 and is offering a great gambling experience, even though you will have to consider the dress code as well as entry fees that might occur. Usually, there will be some additional entertainment such as live bands, DJs or Bollywood acts so it can be ensured that you won’t get bored. No matter if you are staying at the tables or enjoying the additional perks offered during your casino visit, you will definitely be surprised with the huge variety of games offered including roulette, video poker, Texas Hold’Em, Baccarat or Indian Rummy.