3 Card Poker Real Money

Before you decide to play 3 card poker online real money in India, there are some things you should know about how to play. Featuring a classic 52 card deck, this is a fun and simple game that combines skill, maths, and a little luck to help you beat the dealer by having the best hand. Players are dealt 3 cards and bet against the dealer – not other players – in the hopes of having a better hand. The second part of this game, “pair plus”, also gives the player a chance to bet on whether they’ll be dealt a pair or better in the next hand. The dealer needs a Queen High or better to play, so some knowledge of card rankings will be needed to play this game effectively, but the simplicity and 3 card only structure makes 3 card poker a great game for anyone new to poker and is quick and easy to learn and enjoy.


  • A simple and easy card game to learn
  • There’s a chance to take away extra winnings in the bonus “Pair Plus” game


How to Play 3 Card Poker Real Money

The aim of 3 Card Poker Real money is simple: have a higher hand than the dealer. Originating in England in the 1990s, the game features a traditional playing card deck of 52 cards. From this deck, three cards are dealt with each player and the dealer to be bet on. The table is laid out with three betting circles in front of each player. The top circle is the “Pair Plus” bet whilst the two lower betting circles are for the “Ante” and “Play”. The game commences when players place a wager in the Pair Plus or Anti circle to the table’s minimum bet. If you’ve placed a bet on the Ante, once the cards are drawn, you will need to fold or play your hand. To play, simply place a bet on the ‘Play’ circle equivalent to your ‘Ante’ bet. The dealer needs a Queen High or better hand to play and the winner is whoever has the better hand – remember, you’re playing against the dealer, not the other players!

3 Card Poker Real Money Strategy

As with any game of chance, there is only so much you can do to secure a winning hand, as there’s no guarantee of which cards you or the house will be dealt! That said, some understanding of basic poker rules and hand hierarchies will make predicting whether you have a “good” or winning hand a little easier. To start with, you’re going to need to know what types of hands there are and what beats the one below. Starting with the values of individual cards, these are easy to understand as they run from 2 – 10 in numbers followed by the face cards jack, queen, king, ace. Two is the lowest valued playing card while ace is the highest. It is possible to win a round with a high card as long as nobody has any better combinations, which we’ll look at next. Beating a high card (usually only bet on if it’s a king or ace and the stakes make it worthwhile) is a pair of matching cards. Again, the higher the value of these matching numbers the better the hand. A pair won’t be suited, so you’re just looking at the ‘face’ value of the cards when determining the value. Better again is a flush draw. In 3 Card Poker, this would be three cards all showing the same suit (hearts, diamonds, spades, or clubs). They don’t need to run in order and can be any three cards of the same suit. A similar combination that beats a flush it’s a straight, which is three cards that run in numerical order (this includes face cards that run 10, jack, queen, king, ace) and in this instance, an ace can be a 1 and run ace, 2, 3, for example. A straight doesn’t need to be suited. The next and second-best hand you can have in this game is three-of-a-kind, which, as the name suggests, would be three matching cards. The very best hand you can hold in poker is a straight flush, which features cards in numerical order all of the same suit.

Odds of Hitting a Winning Hand in 3 Card Poker Real Money

Whilst the house edge may vary slightly between casinos, 3 Card Poker offers two different house edge statistics depending on whether you bet on the “Play” or place a “Pair Plus” wager. The “Ante & Play” house edge is commonly 3.37% while a “Pair Plus” wager has a house edge of around 7.28%. These figures are designed to give you an idea of the returns you might expect when playing this game based on 100 bets. A House Edge of 3.37%, for example, would suggest that for every 100 wagers you place, the house will win 3.37 and you will win 96.63. Over time, this percentage will reflect profit for the casino and a loss for players. Because this game is played with only three cards and players are up against the house rather than each other, 3 Card Poker is generally an incredibly fast-paced game. There are no new reveals as there are in games like Texas Hold’em and all you need to win is hold a higher valued hand than the dealer, so in theory, this game can offer plenty of winning potential for players. Although, do remember that as with any game of chance, there’s is no guarantee of taking home a prize and the house will usually win overall in the long run!

Things You Need To Know: Get the 3 Card Poker Real Money Lingo Down and Play Like a Pro!

To look and feel like a proper poker player, you’ll need to know the lingo as well as the gameplay! Below, we’ll list some of the terms you’ll experience when playing 3 Card Poker Real Money so you can feel like a professional with every hand. Hand: The hand refers to the cards you’re dealt and can choose to play or fold. Fold: Folding your cards is effectively throwing them away as you don’t believe their value is good enough to play. Ante: A bet any players will need to place to be ‘in the hand’ and dealt cards; this needs to be in-line with the table minimum wager. Play Wager: Once you’ve been dealt a hand you don’t wish to Fold you’ll need to place a Play Wager equivalent to the Ante, this tells the dealer you want to bet on your hand. Pair Plus: This is the second ‘game’ in 3 Card Poker and the third bet circle you’ll see on the table in front of you. You place this bet before you get your cards, like with the Ante, and tell the dealer you’re betting on getting a pair or higher value hand on the next deal. If you turn out to be correct and are dealt a pair or higher, you’ll win; if you don’t hit at least a pair then the house wins this bet. House: The house refers to the casino you’re playing against and includes the dealer.

3 Card Poker Real Money Variations

As with many popular poker and card games, 3 Card Poker Real money comes with a few variations and side-bets (an optional extra bet you can place alongside the 3 Card Poker game you’re playing for the chance to win more by gambling on additional features) you can enjoy to increase your winning potential and make the game a little more exciting. The first of these is a side-bet called the Six-Card Bonus Bet. This option takes Pair Plus a step further and involves you adding your hand to the dealers’ cards rather than comparing them. Winnings on the Six-Card Bonus Bet will be established based on a paytable, with higher odds for rarer combinations of cards and payoffs for a Royal Flush can be up to 1,000-1 or even 2,000-1 at a generous casino! The next side-bet worth mentioning is Progressive Three Card Poker. Another optional extra bet you can place when playing 3 Card Poker, this wager involves other players’ hands and offers rewards according to a paytable should anyone have a qualifying high hand. The third optional side bet in 3 Card Poker is Three Card Poker Prime. This one involves you betting on whether your hand will be all red (hearts and diamonds) or all black (clubs and spades). There’s also a variation of 3 Card Poker Real Money that’s worth mentioning, and that is the exciting Ultimate 3 Card Poker. In this variation of the game, the Play bet is able to be up to 3x the value of the Ante rather than just equivalent to it and instead of starting with just the Ante, players must place down an Ante and Blind Bet of equal value before the cards are dealt. The play itself is then basically the same as standard 3 Card Poker and players must bet on whether they believe they have a better hand than the dealer, who can only play with a Queen High minimum.

Things To Consider Before Playing 3 Card Poker Real Money

As with any form of gambling, basic bankroll management and being sure never to bet more than you can afford to lose are essential to a successful gaming session, as is remembering to never chase your losses. A bit of mathematic skill and basic knowledge of the hand hierarchy will help you decide whether to play or fold your hands and there are some general tips professional players offer to help you establish what a ‘good’ hand might look like in practice. Generally, it’s suggested that you should always fold a hand lower than Queen, 4, 2 when playing 3 Card Poker and play anything higher. Remember, the dealer needs a minimum of Queen High to play, so if you don’t have at least this then you should always be folding! It’s also worth remembering the little trick with 3 Card Poker regarding straights and flushes: while in a normal game of 5 card poker a flush would beat a straight as over that many combinations you’re more likely to find cards of the same suit than ones in numerical order; when playing with 3 cards these odds are reversed and therefore make a straight draw a more valuable hand than 3 cards of the same suit.